ALIEN AND NEW WORLD ORDER DECEPTIONS: 14 shocking deceptions of the world exposed

[B.I.B.L.E Series Chapter 11 OF 12]


Note: You might need to read the 5 foundational lectures first to completely understand this article.

Hello world, you’re unto chapter 11 of the B.I.B.L.E Series (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Series) brought to you by TheTrueacademy. The B.I.B.L.E Series is presided over by none other than the last messenger of God to the world in these last days “Sherry Shriner”- sent to prepare the world for the end. Get to know her, she’s nice [] (better yet see the very first article of the series to read her biography). And in here, we are Christlike but not Christians and completing our 5 foundational lectures reveals exactly why we stick to the Bible as the only scripture on earth.

Everything you will discover in this series are secret truth “plainly” revealed to Sherry Shriner alone, not necessarily because she’s the smartest person in the room but because of the purpose she was sent here to fulfill- to lead the people back to the Father. The write-up below is only an introduction to her revelations which are discussed in detail in the links presented just after the conclusion. The write-up below is nothing but a thriller, the real story is presented in her links down below.

With the B.I.B.L.E Series, TheTrueacademy tries to serve you the truth in the most comprehensive manner possible, but you have to pay close attention still because knowledge is never free; if you don’t pay attention, nothing you discover here will make the tiniest bit of sense. Links again will be presented at the bottom of all the chapters of this series to help clarify the message as titled. Be blessed as you stay with us.


  1. Recap
  2. Intro.
  3. Sherry Shriner- The Angel In The Flesh Sent To Lead The People Back To The Father.
  4. The Truth About Global Warming.
  5. The Truth About Vaccines.
  6. Chemtrails And Weather Manipulation By H.A.A.R.P.
  7. The Earth Is Hollow.
  8. The True Nature Of The Cosmos.
  9. Aliens And UFOS.
  10. CERN And Portals.
  11. Paedophilia.
  12. Human Flesh In Our Meet Supply.
  13. Clones And Androids Manufactured In Underground Bases.
  14. Transgenderism.
  15. Government Black Operations.
  16. Enoch’s Planet Prepared For The Rapturable.


  1. In chapter 1 we learnt that the name of the Father is not Jehovah and that of the son is not Jesus.
  2. In chapter 2 we learnt that Paul is a false Apostle and that the law still stands.
  3. In chapter 3 we learnt that God is not a Trinity and that Man is not a truine being.
  4. In chapter 4 we learnt about some 14 ways the Church has got it wrong.
  5. In chapter 5 we learnt about Heaven and the world before Man was created.
  6. In chapter 6 we learnt about the truth of what happened in the Garden of Eden (The Original Sin).
  7. In chapter 7 we learnt about the origin of the Alien and different human races amongst us.
  8. In chapter 8 we learnt about the second Angelic rebellion and the origin of giants and demons.
  9. In chapter 9 we learnt about the rapture, those who qualify to partake of it and the heavenly planet they would be raptured to.
  10. In chapter 10 we learnt about America being the modern day Babylon and the very important role America has to play in these last days.
  11. In this chapeter we'll be learning about some 14 secrets the world does not want us to know.


This entire chapter is going to feature only Sherry Shriner’s words throughout but with my personal elaborations written within double brackets. Learn as you read.

SHERRY SHRINER- The angel in the flesh sent to lead the people back to the Father

Sherry Shriner is a woman born in 1965 to a God-fearing family in Cleveland Ohio; she has been proclaiming the name of the Lord since she was 2 but became reborn in Him at 5. She got enrolled in private Christian schools over the years and attended church throughout the 18 years she stayed with her parents- graduating with a degree in Criminal Justice, Journalism and Political Science in 1991. She is today a grandmother.

At the age of 12, she had read the bible from front to back. She fell in love with the book of Revelation and became an avid student of Bible prophesy. All the while though, she was hunted right from childhood by demonic beings from hell who knew who she was. She began having visions in 1994 but didn’t know what they were until years later. Then did she begin to create websites- revealing truths she learns and had learnt.

She was led to begin reading the Bible codes in 2001 for God had given her “alone” the key to the Bible codes and she has been using this to unravel past, daily and future events for years to great accuracy, it was afterwards she learnt to decode her own name and realized exactly who she was- an anointed mouthpiece for The Most High to the world in these last days. She later learnt in 2004 that she was King David’s granddaughter and then everything began to make sense.

In 2002 the Lord led her to the truth about Aliens and UFOs. If you think Aliens don’t exist you’ll be shocked to realize how much control a thing that does not exist, has over our daily lives.

In 2003 the Lord told her she would speak to the nations and her mandate has been to lead the people back to the Lord.

In 2004 He proclaimed that He has raised her up as a prophet to the nations and if you think the Church is doing a good job teaching the unadulterated bitter truth then you have not met Sherry Shriner. Many who don’t realize that God who made the sexes is not a sexist and can work through whomever He please for He is no respecter of persons want to hate her even before meeting her simply because she’s a woman. She’s been blacklisted by the elite who run the governments of the world and is not allowed to get on TV or be interviewed by mainstream media which is why you probably have never heard about her. Of course they’ve resorted to doing this after haven actually continuously tried to kill her but to no avail. They still try till date but they just cannot- the only thing she has on this earth is God’s protection- no money and no support apart from that she gets from a very few faithful warriors she has woken up over the years, the most she has is divine protection and you won’t believe all she’s been able to achieve with this seemingly little asset.

The breath taking part is that Sherry Shriner is an angel in the flesh (an elect), and she’s not just an elect like many others are but she is literally a daughter of Yahuah the Father born on earth as woman just like Yahushua is a literal son of Yahuah born on earth as man as we have revealed in chapter 5. While Yahushua was born without an earthly Father and indwelt fully by the Father, sherry was born with an earthly father and is given the indwelling Holyspirit in portion just like every other men are given- this is the simple difference between she and her brother Yahushua.

As we learnt in chapter 5, the Father has 14 special children created directly from him- children who are different from the rest of the created angel and human children of God. Sherry happens to be the last of these 14 specially created children of the Father and she was called Shazurazy. She was a queen- the queen of fire. The 14 children of Yah ruled over the 14 planets of heaven as we have learnt in chapter 5; she was the queen of fire who ruled the earth which was called Shan then. This very planet was hers to rule as a queen. It appears therefore that Yahushua, Sherry and Lucifer are all siblings. Incredible.

The sons of Cain who rule this world for Lucifer know exactly who she is and they have managed to ensure that she is either not heard of or is hated and ignored by both the world and the Church but nevertheless, she remains so loved by the Most High and that’s all that counts.


The truth about global warming

Orgone is a crystal based defence weapon using piezo electric energy that produces an ancient energy we know as Aether also known in some forms as Chi. It is seen as a blue aura around earth. Aliens and demons don't like being around it. Humans who are possessed by aliens and demons don't like being around it either. It burns them, asphyxiates them and some even break out in rashes and boils being around it. It doesn't affect normal humans. For normal humans it's a healing life energy, the same energy that surrounds our planet from which all life thrives and grows in its presence.

Why do we need Orgone? So we could protect ourselves and others without having to constantly stay alert watching out for the enemy constantly trying to attack and kill us. You can fight with spiritual warfare prayers but you have to be constantly praying and on alert, and by the time you’re praying, you're already under attack. Same with anointing your home with holy oil. It wears off after a week or two and you have to keep anointing your home. With Orgone it works every second of every day and never wears off. It's a constant emitter of Aether energy, of Yah's breath.

(Excerpt from Sherry’s book- interview with the devil). I asked him where this global warming thing came up, because we both started laughing about that. Because, you know, global warming started out as code for Orgone. Because the Orgone was burning them up. And so, he told me when they start something, it goes on like a snowball, steamroll, where the lie just keeps getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger to cover up what they’re talking about. I knew that, when it came out, global warming, they were talking about the Orgone. Because it’s just heating up the atmosphere, and it’s destroying them. And that’s the whole concern of global warming is the atmosphere and Orgone heating up the atmosphere.


The truth about vaccines

They’re targeting mankind for destruction and instead of outright assault with bombs, and missiles and guns, they come in with shots, with vaccines, and are slowly just going to deteriorate mankind and totally destroy them. Satan has to count on technology to keep his kingdom in line, especially chip-implants. They are trying to gene-splice us and alter our DNA with vaccines. Satan's major agenda on mankind is to chip-implant everybody, because he runs his kingdom by control and this control he gets by chips. He wants every human being implanted with chips, there are nano chips they put in these vaccines which are very hard to detect, they are in every single flu shot and vaccination that's put out by our government.

That’s why you’re seeing such a push on vaccinations, because they put chips in all these different types of vaccinations that they have coming out. It doesn’t matter if it's a little seasonal flu shot, or a tetanus vaccine, or anything, all of these medications are pre-loaded with chips. So it’s not like your doctors are sitting in their offices just putting chips in medications, it comes pre-loaded that way from the pharmaceutical companies that supply to the doctor offices. So, that’s why the Lord has mandated us to stay away from any type of vaccine or shot.

Our government doesn't even have an idea what's in these vaccines. They come in from outside sources to the pharmaceutical companies here and then they're distributed. These vaccines are coming from places like the moon, from different planets, from shema. These vaccines are otherworldly, off worldly vaccines created by the aliens- these fallen angels. That's why the doctors will say, "Well, we've never seen this before." This isn't an earth-based plague is basically what they say in all their doctor-speak. It's not from Earth. We don't know what it is. Read between the lines, folks, when they start talking.


Chemtrails and weather manipulation by H.A.A.R.P

Chemtrails are not contrails, contrails are the usual condensation- a trail of fumes - it's water and it evaporates when a plane leaves your area. But Chemtrails are something else, With Chemtrails, the trails don’t dissipate and the planes don't leave your area. The chemtrail-spraying planes are not heading to an airport. What they're doing is heading back and forth over your skies, over your cities, your towns, your homes. They're spraying grid areas. You'll see it look like a tic-tac-toe box or just lines crisscrossing the sky. The chemtrail operation is a cleansing operation and that's basically murder and assassination by area or assault against mankind. And this chemtrail agenda has been going on for probably 40 years now I think.

They are not just trying to get things into our bodies by vaccines; they’re also trying to do that by aerosol. They'll try to get chips in these Chemtrails and have you ingest them through the air that you breathe.

Terms associated with Chemtrails in the Bible codes include poison, intoxicant drug, venom, virus, death, sepsis, contamination, evaporation, dissolvent, asthma, sky, daily, cripple, disable, dimensional, butane, arsenic, arid, acidification, bad, severe, acute, serious, evil, wickedness, atrocious, ill, chemical. The Chemtrails are contaminating our air, water and food supply. Chemtrails will deplete a person's immune system and make them vulnerable to viruses and pestilence and make them sick. It breaks down your immune system.


The earth is hollow

We look at the stars and think they are big mass of burning gas up there in the sky, no. Stars are not big hunks of metal in the sky that are, you know, a hundred miles long, stars are actual planets. The planet earth appears like a blue star from space. And these planets are hollow. All planets including our earth are hollow.

All stars are hollow even the sun and the moon. And you access them through the north and south poles. And there’s always a city or something in the centre of them. In the centre of Earth, we see it as Sheol, as hell, as the abyss in the 4th dimension but as the central sun in this dimension. And that’s where the city, Shamballa as the Indians call it is. What they call Swaziland, is another name for it.


The true nature of the cosmos

The sun in space is actually invisible; it only becomes visible when it hits our atmosphere ((for we only see light when it reflects off a material. So we can’t see directs sources of light which the sun happens to be.)) You can’t see the sun in space.

The asteroid belt we see between Jupiter and Mars which science cannot tell how it came about is actually Lucifer’s planet which was blown up during his rebellion in heaven just before the recreation of earth and the creation of man as the book of Genesis accounts. ((we have already discussed in chapter 5 that the Father has 14 uniquely created children who ruled over the 14 planets of heaven for heaven was and is a system of planets, and Yahushua the Christ, Sherry Shriner God’s mouth piece on earth and Lucifer were among these 14))

All bodies in space (sun, planets e.t.c.) have layers of rings around them. Speaking of the earth there are two donut-shaped areas around it called the Van Allen belt which are made up of charged particles (1000 miles out from the earth and 25,000 miles extent of the second one) and these belts are hostile. All our satellites are housed before this Van Allen belt area and do not enter it. An opening exists between the north of the Van Allen belt through to the north of the earth and to the south of the earth and the Van Allen belt.

There is yet another ring outside the Van Allen belt called the kyper belt that surrounds the earth- 25,000 miles in distance.

Then there is the kuiper belt which is an area of the outer solar system (beginning from the outside orbit of Neptune) where Pluto, and other small solar bodies made mostly of ice are located.

Further out outside the Kuiper belt is a huge giant sphere that surrounds the solar system (the Oort cloud) and this protects the Milky Way galaxy.


Aliens and UFOS

Aliens are fallen angels who once lived on the planets before the creation of man, today they live under the earth, on the earth and in space, and UFOS are the inter-dimensional space ships they use for travel. With UFOS is how they travel. The civilizations that were here before we came about all travelled by these UFOs, this is how they do interplanetary, planet to planet transportations. The planets are of course hollow and in these hollows of our earth and the planets, and in various constellations- the Pleiades, the Orion, Tuturious are where alien beings live, out of the sight of mankind and there are very many, hundreds of different factions of these different types of these alien beings. Of course, the South Pole is more popular because it’s more hidden, and you don’t see the UFOs constantly coming in and out of it like you would if they were using the North Pole. So they use the South Pole entrance often.

Mesopotamia is where they first landed after man was created and today they have infiltrated and taken base in America. The UFOs aren't always alien mind you, Aliens exchange technology with man ((just like we have learnt in chapter 10 of the series)) so we have our own UFOS too. The line between alien and human inventions is getting really blurred because we have their technology. They've given us their technology over the years and the other governments who have signed contracts with them and treaties with them. They exchange lives for technology. “Okay, you can abduct our citizens, but you have to give us secret technology.” That's what started it in America. Today the Chinese have UFOS, the Germans too, The British, Everybody has UFOs.

You know, you get so many naysayers out there. How could you not believe UFOs exist when all you have to do is sit out at night and watch the skies? You think stars fly around at night? Do they really? Stars don't fly, folks.

You know, I mean that's the brilliant part for the whole charade of the aliens who dominate this Earth—is that they just sit up in our skies, and they park their star ships in constellations so that people think that the stars in the constellations are just stars when they're actually masking star ships. UFO star ships. And if you sit and watch, one of the tell-tale signs is that some of them are very close to the horizon. 30, 33 degrees above horizon. It’s a tell-tale sign because they're too low. They're too low. Yeah, it looks like a star, but its way too low to the horizon. And if you watch it for a while, you'll notice that the thing will move. They move. I use to watch the Shema star come in every night about 7 o'clock to get in position in the sky. That's what tipped me off years ago, “Hey, something’s wrong. That’s not a star. There's something wrong with that. That is not a star.”

And so, I started pointing our Orgone Pipe Blasters at it. I have a big one. I had about a 5 foot one, 2 inches. About 5 foot. And I use to point it at that star every night. And after a while, it went from brilliantly white to what the New Agers referring to, this the star of Shema. This Maitreya star. This was the signal of the arrival of their Imam. And it went from a brilliant white to a yellow. Just a dingy yellow. And I knew then that it was on fire. And from that point on just getting pipes out and watching the sky, you would watch these white stars, one by one, turn yellow. And then what happened was they would all start crashing. And so, for years, you'd watch these yellow stars crashing to the Earth, and the media would call them meteors. “Oh, another meteor crashed.” And it's gone on since. You know, that's the public policy now for the media—is to just call them meteors. The Orgone energy attacks dead Orgone energy. It’s attacking alien UFOs that operate in the fourth dimension. Anything that operates in this dimension isn’t going to be effected by the Orgone. So military and man-made UFOs aren’t going to be effected by Orgone energy; it’s only the ones that operate in the fourth dimension.


CERN and portals

During the rebellion in heaven, Lucifer planned to create his own heavenly planetary system and decided Nibiru was going to be his sun, Lucifer had found out that that there were entrances into the planets, the centres were hollow and he could go through the planets in the north and south poles. And so, they built a city inside the hollow part of Nibiru. And they had these huge CERN-type machines. And he started pulling in creatures from other universes with their CERN machine that they had. And he would tag them, and he would implant them, and he would control them. And he had them separated into different groups. Little armies of his own. And then when he wanted to pull off his rebellion against heaven, he started to pull out all these creatures, all these creature-like armies that he had built with this thing and had stashed away. And he pulled them out and unleashed them onto the planets that were part of heaven’s system.

Today we have this same machine created on earth and they call it CERN or LHC (Large Hadron Collider) which is in Switzerland. And they have more than one CERN. It’s just, the one in Switzerland that everybody know about. They have a mini one in the United States. They have one in China, Roswell, New Mexico, Texas, Chicago, Russia. They have them everywhere. And they use them to open up portals and gateways. And then, what they do is they pull in creatures through these gateways. CERN has the symbol of Shiva in front of their headquarters in Switzerland. And it’s on the border of Switzerland and France. Shiva means destroyer. In the Hindu religion, it’s the goddess of destruction, destroyer, or something. Shiva in the Bible Codes means destroyer. And what else is the destroyer that the Bible details? It’s another name for the king of the bottomless pit. It’s Abaddon, Apollyon. It means destroyer.

So CERN opens portal. That’s how they get access to you, folks. You’re wondering on how they get access to you while you’re sleeping? They open a portal right into your house, right through your roof.



Paedophilia is one of the most dominant things that ran Central American Politics. All of its leaders were forced into it. They would have to sit and watch just 100's of hours of child porn and they were all pushed into it. D.C. is heavily dominated by paedophilia and Hollywood is. How would you like to know that your favourite actors have been accused paedophiles? They've been accused baby rapers to the top. You think Sylvester Stallone and Bruce Willis and all these stars got there on their good looks?

Also Bohemian Grove week outside San Franscisco where all the politicians of the world go and rape babies. And have their own satanic parties going on out there. It's a boys club in Bohemian Grove, literally. A lot of paedophilia that goes on there. And these kinds of things are demanded in political circles. Paedophilia is a huge part of what Satan demands if they wanna keep their positions, their fame, their fortunes. Paedophilia and butchery, killing of the innocents, raping and killing them. That's what it's all about. That's what getting fame and fortune in this world will cost you. That's what will be required of you- to rape and butcher innocents. And our own presidents flock there every year.

And this is typical status quo for almost every night of the week around this country. There are 44 MILAB bases, what they call MILABs, which is what this kind of place is. It’s a huge room, where they bring the kids in, and they get raped and killed by the men. So how do all these kids get access to these MILABs? Well, that would be your Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines and your CIA. The Deep State; it protects all this stuff. The Deep State runs it. The shadow government MILABs are always under the ground. They can be anywhere from 3 to 20 miles underground. So it’s a lot of security to get in them, and no one’s getting out. No kids; once they’re in there, they’re not getting out.

And for those of you who haven’t been keeping up, the, the Pope announcing recently that paedophilia is “normal,” and causing the outrage of millions of victims [see here for the article Sherry is talking about: []. I don’t know what Bibles he’s reading, but then again, the Catholics have always just kind of written their own. Followed their own dictates. And so, I don’t know what other reason people need to get away from the Catholic religion, to get away from the Vatican. How much more apostasy do you need?

[ ]

Human flesh in our meat supply

Anyway, folks, Cargill Meat Supply. I need to expose that. You know, if we can’t do a whole lot on our feet, we can make a lot of noise with our mouths. Now, Cargill Meat Supply, I talked about them last week on my show. Based out of Minneapolis. They’re the largest supplier in the world. That is the main meat centre used in this country for restaurants, for grocery store chains. They sell their meat globally; they ship their meat throughout the entire world, to South and Central America Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, San Diego, Texas, all around the world. I mean, they’ve got meat processing centres located underneath the earth. They got it on top of the earth; they’re mixing human flesh into the meat supply and then selling their meat to our fast-food restaurants, our hamburger chains, our steak and restaurant chains. Selling it as ground meat throughout the world. I mean, this stuff just has to stop. And that is how they grind up the human flesh of all the humans they sacrifice. That’s how they hide them. They grind them up and put them in our meat supply. And so, people are, unknowingly, eating hamburgers with ground up human flesh in them. Makes you sick, huh?

When they started coming out, in the ‘80s and ‘90s about gray goo, this gray goo mass that was found in McDonald’s hamburgers, they were calling it gray goo, and then it went from gray goo to pink slime, this is human flesh they’re mixing into our food supply, folks. There should be such an outcry. People should be picketing Cargill meat processing plants. And they’re everywhere. The corporate headquarters is in Minneapolis. Yeah, think twice what they’re grounding up with that cow meat, if any at all.


Clones and androids manufactured in underground bases

We have DUMBs and we have DUABs. DUMBs are Deep Underground Military Bases. Many of them are joint bases with aliens. DUABs are Deep Underground Alien Bases. And at these bases you won't find very many humans involved.

I don’t wanna say they grow an android in two days, but that’s what they can do. They take your DNA and they use stem cells- this is what the whole stem cell thing was all about. They can actually grow tissue, and it turns into the organs—I don’t know how they do it, but they can do it in two days. With your DNA they can make a clone. The clones aren’t cloned with all of your infirmities. They look healthier; they’re more vibrant, where we’re just tired and run-down. They pick up the better side, better aspects, of a healthy being, I guess you could say. And they can take the brain and replace it with a computer ((and this is what makes them become androids)). And then they download all of your memories- which is technologically feasible, they can do this- and put it in that clone. So they think like you. They have all your memories. And that android or clone doesn’t know they’re not even human. They don’t know they don’t have a soul.

So if you run into a clone on the street or somewhere, and this is an exact carbon copy of you, and a clone, they’re only gonna have the memories up to a point of when they were cloned, of when the scientists had that DNA, the year they had that DNA of you. They’re not gonna have your most recent memories and stuff. So there are some real flaws in this cloning process. All the different Hillarys look like look-alikes. They don’t look like, uh, well; the clones never do look like replica clones. I mean, they never do look directly like the person they’re supposed to be cloned from. So if you’re 50-years-old, and they got your DNA from when you were 35, the clone’s gonna even look younger than 35. I mean, they always look younger than the original person. And so, the skin’s younger-looking.

Because what they do is, if they get your blood, let’s say they get your DNA, and they got it ten years ago when you were in the hospital having surgery for something or whatever reason, they pull hair out of your head while you’re sleeping. They do stuff, nefarious stuff, all the time. When they make a clone of that DNA—and it literally just takes them a few days, once they get your DNA, to make a clone—that clone’s gonna come out at that age of when they got your DNA.

So if they want an updated clone, they would have to constantly get a DNA sample from the people they’re cloning, so that the clone is up to par, up-to-date with the person they’re cloning. You know what I’m saying? It’s really crazy.

And when you go multiple generations of clones—and this is something that they’re learning—they’re just not as good. You can’t get a good copy of a human off, you know, different generations away from the host. The real Hillary Clinton is dead. She died back in 2012. And so, they’ve been using clones of her since. And when you keep cloning, and cloning, and cloning off clones, those generations of clones, they’re just not reliable, they’re just not very good.

I think they’re learning it. And that’s why they had—didn’t clone [Donald] Trump, they mind-wired him. And so, they went to the mind-wire tech and that’s what Trump is. He’s the new breed of tech slave. And they control him through the mind wire.

And I came out with that a couple years ago. I talk about it in my book, Interview with the Devil, because, as far as I know, nobody else has ever brought it up, no one else is talking about it, nobody else knows about it. But he has been mind-wired. He’s the new tech. Probably because they’re realizing, through all these bad cloning generations of Hillary, that it’s just not reliable to have them in the public so much and so often because they’re unreliable.

But the thing that I was saying was that they said the clones that they make now are all chip-implanted in a way so if one experiences one thing, they all experience the same thing. So even if they replace the one clone, because the one clone malfunctions, the other three would start to have the same effects, I guess, and so.

You know, they’ve got these MILABs everywhere where they manufacture these synthetics. There’s two in [Washington,] D.C. There’s one underneath the White House. There’s one underneath the Pentagon. There’s one underneath Congress. There’s one underneath Roswell, New Mexico. Dulce, Indianapolis Airport. There’s one in Chicago. There’s one in Houston. Heck, there’s one here in my backyard underneath the mall.



The thing in the A-list now in Hollywood is to go transgender. These celebrities that are having kids, instead of having to sacrifice them up for ritual sacrifice and murder, they’re just switching their sexes, and that’s considered a sacrifice. And so, the huge thing now is this transgender craze. Turning boys into girls and girls into boys. And, of course, when they wanna start a huge trend, they start it in Hollywood and let it trickle down to society. And so, you have celebrities, huge, big names, who will do this to their children. Look at Will Smith, Will and Jada Smith, turning their boy into a girl, and their girl into a boy. Brad and Angie, their daughter, turning her into a boy. Gwen Stefani, turning her cute little boy into a girl.

This transgender craze is going to heat up. Because it's the whole part of Baphomet, where he's hermaphroditic, and he's both sexes. And Lucifer is also a chameleon. So he can morph as a male or a female. And these Illuminati, Illuminists who want to show their loyalty to Lucifer will pick on features and aspects of Lucifer and that's what they'll highlight. That will be their ministry to Lucifer, you know. That's what they'll do to keep their fame and fortune and stuff. They'll sacrifice their children.

All of our first ladies have been transgenders, Tammy Wynette was a transgender. Lady Gaga, Serena Williams, Michelle Obama, Beyonce, Amal Clooney- George Clooney’s wife are transgenders, Kylie Jenner and the other one, the two younger Kardashians, were born boys, They were switched at birth to girls. Trump’s mother- I think Lucifer said that they had replaced his original mother, and replaced it with a transgender. So the one he grew up with knowing as his mother was actually a transgender. Melania Trump- Donald Trump’s wife, Lucifer said, “Yep. She’s from Lebanon. One of our masterpieces from that dump,” in regards to Melania Trump. Barbara Bush, she was [Aleister] Crowley’s kid. She was a Ben; they changed her into a Barbie- a Barbara. Other transgenders are Faith Hill- country singer Faith Hill and Country singer Tim McGraw.

Tim McGraw was a Tina, that one shocked me. Men always do, because they’re the hardest ones to figure out if they’re transgenders. Justin Bieber was switched at birth to a girl, they start taking gender pills shortly after they’re born. I figured out Justin Bieber was, years ago. He’s probably the first one I did. But Tim McGraw just floored me. Bruce Springsteen’s transgender. That one was kind of a giveaway when he was throwing a fit about North Carolina not allowing transgenders to use women’s restrooms. The people that are throwing a fit, it’s because it hits close to home. Because, you know, it’s not like he’s gonna go into a female’s restroom, but he’s put out there to be a face for the agenda itself.

George Clooney is not a transgender, but he’s gay. Brad Pitt is gay. Anybody could’ve figured that out a couple years ago, a while back, that George and Brad are gay. Talking about Miley. I know I was right about Miley Cyrus a long time ago. She had left. And that’s why they killed her. She wanted out. She never wanted involved. She was actually a lover of the Lord. She loved the Father. Refused to follow the Illuminati agenda. They killed her. Replaced her with that Lauren.

Brooke Shields, she was transgender. She was Bob Hope’s boy toy. And she was one of the first ones. And if you’re like me, grew up back in that era where you always saw Brooke Shields with Bob Hope on, like, you know, those Hollywood celebrity award shows, she was always with him. She was his boy toy. She was actually a boy.


Government black operations

There are two different militaries in our country. You have the American patriotic military that defends the Constitution, protects our country from invasion. And then you have the black ops military. All these mercenary groups. All these different set-aside militaries that are operated by the Pentagon and the NSA and these are the ones with the more advanced alien technology. These are the ones behind the FEMA camps; a lot of the stuff coming up. That's the black ops military. And so, it's like any kind of occultic group. You have the front window dressing. And then you have the real truth behind the front door, and so. It's what we're dealing with now, is a lot of the black op military stuff.


Below is a list of 25 black operations the government does not want you to know, as extracted from [], the information contained in the website does not really reflect the complete truth of what exactly went down with the black operations but it nevertheless, gives a basic overview of the operations.

  • 1.

    Operation Paperclip

    In the aftermath of World War II American Intelligence launched Operation Paperclip as a covert attempt to recruit the scientists of Nazi Germany for employment in the United States. It turned out to be quite successful.

  • 2.

    Project MKUltra

    Project MKUltra was the code name of a U.S. government covert research operation experimenting in the behavioral engineering of humans (mind control) through the CIA’s Scientific Intelligence Division. Using unwitting U.S. and Canadian citizens as its test subjects MKUltra involved the administration of drugs (especially LSD) and other chemicals, hypnosis, sensory deprivation, isolation, verbal and sexual abuse, as well as various forms of torture.

  • 3.

    Operation Anthropoid

    Operation Anthropoid was the code name for the assassination attempt on Nazi Officer Reinhard Heydrich. The operation was carried out in Prague on 27 May 1942 after having been prepared by the British Special Operations Executive with the approval of the Czechoslovak government-in-exile. Although only wounded in the attack, Heydrich died of his injuries on 4 June 1942. His death led to a wave of merciless reprisals by German troops, including the destruction of villages and the killing of civilians.

  • 4.

    Bay of Pigs Invasion

    The Bay of Pigs was an unsuccessful military invasion of Cuba undertaken by the paramilitary group Brigade 2506 on 17 April 1961. A counter-revolutionary military trained and funded by the United States government’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the invading force was defeated by the Cuban armed forces under the command of Prime Minister Fidel Castro within three days.

  • 5.

    Operation Wrath of God

    During the 1972 Munich Olympics, 11 members of the Israeli Olympic team were been murdered, which prompted a killing spree that spread all across Europe. Operation Wrath of God, set into motion by Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir, was planned and executed by the Mossad (Israeli Special Forces) and involved the systematic extermination of a number of members of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) suspected to have taken part in the killings.

  • 6.

    Operation Neptune Spear

    Launched as part of the US retaliation program against the 9/11 terrorist attack involving Al Qaeda, Operation Neptune Spear was a clear capture-or-kill operation with Osama Bin Laden as the target. After over a decade it was successful in meeting its objectives.

  • 7.

    Operation Valkyrie

    Operation Valkyrie was a German World War II emergency plan issued to the Reserve Army to take control in case of civil breakdown. German Army officers General Friedrich Olbricht, Major General Henning von Tresckow, and Colonel Claus von Stauffenberg modified the plan with the intention of using it to take control of German cities, disarm the SS, and arrest the Nazi leadership once Hitler had been assassinated in the July 20 Plot. Hitler’s death (as opposed to his arrest) was required to free German soldiers from their oath of loyalty to him. After lengthy preparation, the plot was carried out in 1944, but failed.

  • 8.

    Operation CHAOS

    Operation CHAOS was the code name for a domestic espionage project conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency under President Lyndon B. Johnson. The program’s goal was to unmask possible foreign influences on the student antiwar movement.

  • 9.

    Project 404

    Project 404 was the code name for a covert United States Air Force advisory mission to Laos during the later years of the Vietnam War. The purpose of Project 404 was to supply the line crew technicians needed to support and train the Royal Laotian Air Force.

  • 10.

    Project Azorian

    The US government spent over $800 million in order to complete Project Azorian, which involved the recovery of K-129, a Soviet submarine that sank in 1968. The mission was undertaken in 1974 with the hopes of recovering everything on the submarine, which included a nuclear missile, documents, and top secret equipment. The Hugh Glomar Explorer, a mission-specific ship was also created to be used as the primary vessel for the mission.

  • 11.

    Acoustic Kitty

    Acoustic Kitty was a CIA project launched by the Directorate of Science & Technology in the 1960s attempting to use cats in spy missions to spy on the Kremlin and Soviet embassies. A battery and a microphone were implanted into a cat and an antenna into its tail. This would allow the cats to innocuously record and transmit sound from its surroundings. Due to problems with distraction, the cat’s sense of hunger had to be addressed in another operation.

  • 12.

    Abu Omar Case

    On February 17, 2003, the CIA captured the Imam of Milan, Abu Omar, and transferred him to Egypt. According to sources the Imam was tortured as a result of alleged connections to Islamists. After public outrage, however, Italian courts prosecuted over 26 CIA agents and many others for the events of February 17th.

  • 13.

    Project Fubelt

    The US government under President Richard Nixon deployed the services and expertise of the CIA in manipulating the government of Chile by preventing Salvador Allende’s rise to power. Project Fubelt was to be executed by promoting a military coup and thus solidify the position of President Eduardo Frei Montalva.

  • 14.

    Operation Gold

    Back in the 1950s, the American CIA and the British Secret Intelligence Service had joined together in order to breach the Soviet Army’s defenses by tapping into their lines and having leaked information become a tool in determining the course of action. This was made possible with Operation Gold by creating a tunnel underneath the Soviet headquarters in Berlin and intercepting landline communications. However, before this mission even began, mole George Blake discovered the tunnel and foiled the mission.

  • 15.

    Operation Merlin

    The objective of the mission was to create a fake and flawed nuclear blueprint and have it presented to the Iranians to delay their nuclear weapon creation. While everything seemed to be going according to plan, the mission failed when the Russian scientist who presented the plan was too smart for his own good and mistakenly pointed out the flaws to the enemy, thus accelerating the program even more.

  • 16.

    Project MKNaomi

    MKNAOMI was the code name for a joint Department of Defense/CIA research program lasting from the 1950s through the 1970s. Unclassified information about the MKNAOMI program and the related Special Operations Division is scarce. It is generally reported to be a successor to the MKDELTA project and to have focused on biological projects including biological warfare agents—specifically, to store materials that could either incapacitate or kill a test subject and to develop devices for the diffusion of such materials.

  • 17.

    Operation Mockingbird

    Operation Mockingbird was a secret Central Intelligence Agency campaign to influence media beginning in the 1950s.

  • 18.

    Operation Kufire

    Operation Kufire was a program that sought to identify and track all communist party members who had flocked to Guatemala during the Arbenz regime. Via Kufire, the CIA was intent on charting their movements. This operation introduced the CIA to Ernesto “Che” Guevara.

  • 19.

    Operation MIAS

    The CIA launched Operation MIAS (Missing in Action Stingers) in order to purchase back the stinger missiles that were given to the Mujahideen in order for Afghans to fight against the Soviet forces. In a way, it was created to clean the mess created by another mission, Operation Cyclone, that funded the Afghan-Soviet war to begin in the first place. Overall, aside from the need of the government to spend over $65 million to recover all the missiles, it was labeled a failure due to tracking issues.

  • 20.

    Operation Washtub

    The CIA organized Operation Washtub to frame Guatemala as a close ally of Moscow by installing a fake Soviet arms cache in Nicaragua, which if proven, could overthrow Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzmán. The covert mission was considered a success although it didn’t meet its original goals. Instead, operatives managed to frame Guatemala using a fake soviet submarine.

  • 21.

    Phoenix Program

    The CIA, US Special Ops Forces, Australian Army Training Team, and South Vietnam’s security force worked together in executing and operating the Phoenix Program, whose aim was to neutralize the forces of the Viet Cong. But instead of attacking soldiers, the program focused on abducting civilians and gathering information from them. Most civilians, especially those who were suspected members of the VC, were kidnapped, tortured, and killed.

  • 22.

    Project MKOften

    The US Department of Defense and the CIA had teamed up to carry out the mission of executing MKOften by testing various drugs on humans and animals, and checking the impact of the drugs on the behavioral and toxicological makeup of their victims.

  • 23.

    Project RESISTANCE

    Project RESISTANCE was a domestic espionage operation coordinated under the Domestic Operations Division (DOD) of the CIA. Its purpose was to collect background information on groups around the U.S. that might pose threats to CIA facilities and personnel.

  • 24.

    Stargate Project

    The Stargate Project[1] was the umbrella code name of one of several sub-projects established by the U.S. Federal Government to investigate claims of psychic phenomena with potential military and domestic applications, particularly “remote viewing”: the purported ability to psychically “see” events, sites, or information from a great distance.

  • 25.

    Operation Ivy Bells

    Operation ivy bells was a joint united states navy, CIA, and national security agency (NSA) mission whose objective was to enable eavesdropping on high level communication of the soviet pacific fleet.

Enoch's planet prepared for the rapturable

Heaven is a system of planets and the redeemed/raptured would be taken to a heavenly planet. Enoch described this planet in his book, the same Enoch who so walked with God he himself was raptured. The same Enoch whose book the church left out of the bible.

"And he set me between the two winds, between North and the West where the angels took to the cords to measure for me the place for the elect and righteous and there I saw the first fathers and the righteous who from the beginning dwell in that place" [Enoch - Book 2 (Parables) Chapter 70:3-4]

This planet is what astronomers refer to as the Sun's Brown Dwarf Star. ((Sherry often refers to it as the second sun or twin sun or EP (Enoch’s planet))). In the morning it rises with the Sun in the east and during the day it travels across the sky and sets in the West/Southwest when the Sun sets. Just look up in the sky rather than try to be sceptical. Many will claim its Venus but it isn't. It’s a heavenly planet the world (NASA) is has been trying their best to hide.

This star or planet doesn't have its own light but receives the light of the Sun and reflects the light of it, which makes it look like a smaller second sun or star. This planet/star operates in both our 3rd dimension and others. In other words, what we see of it isn't necessarily all there is to see. Just like with all the other stars and planets that are habitations and abodes for fallen angels, the Brown Dwarf Star is a habitation and abode for Yah's angels and His people. This is where the elects would go to when the Father redeems them off of the earth.



If you indeed care about truth and the souls of men, you’d share this message or article with all. Yah bless you very much as you do so and thank you for reading.

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