HEAVEN: A system of planets, the Father's 14 children, Lucifer's rebellion and new home

[B.I.B.L.E Series Chapter 5 OF 12]


Note: You might need to read the 5 foundational lectures first to completely understand this article.

Hello world, you’re unto chapter 5 of the B.I.B.L.E Series (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Series) brought to you by TheTrueacademy. The B.I.B.L.E Series is presided over by none other than the last messenger of God to the world in these last days “Sherry Shriner”- sent to prepare the world for the end. Get to know her, she’s nice [www.facebook.com/sherry.shriner] (better yet see the very first article of the series to read her biography). And in here, we are Christlike but not Christians and completing our 5 foundational lectures reveals exactly why we stick to the Bible as the only scripture on earth.

Everything you will discover in this series are secret truth “plainly” revealed to Sherry Shriner alone, not necessarily because she’s the smartest person in the room but because of the purpose she was sent here to fulfill- to lead the people back to the Father. The write-up below is only an introduction to her revelations which are discussed in detail in the links presented just after the conclusion. The write-up below is nothing but a thriller, the real story is presented in her links down below.

With the B.I.B.L.E Series, TheTrueacademy tries to serve you the truth in the most comprehensive manner possible, but you have to pay close attention still because knowledge is never free; if you don’t pay attention, nothing you discover here will make the tiniest bit of sense. Links again will be presented at the bottom of all the chapters of this series to help clarify the message as titled. Be blessed as you stay with us.


  1. Recap
  2. Heaven is a real and solid place.
  3. Heaven is a system of planets.
  4. Angels lived in all the 14 planets of heaven.
  5. The Father had 14 spirit children created uniquely and directly from Him.
  6. Hallayel’s rebellion in heaven.


  1. In chapter 1 we learnt that the name of the Father is not Jehovah and that of the son is not Jesus.
  2. In chapter 2 we learnt that Paul is a false Apostle and that the law still stands.
  3. In chapter 3 we learnt that God is not a Trinity and that Man is not a truine being.
  4. In chapter 4 we learnt about some 14 ways the Church has got it wrong.
  5. In this chapter we'll be learning about Heaven and the world before Man was created.

Heaven is a real and solid place

Heaven is a real and solid place folks, we hear this all the time but how many of us really do believe this? Believing that heaven is indeed a real place has become difficult because of the ignorant manner the church talks about it. But thanks to Yah’s daughter Sherry Shriner, she paints the perfect picture. Don’t ask me to quote scriptures backing up this revelation because the Bible is not all knowledge-inclusive neither is it the Holyspirit who alone knows all things. Ask the Father directly about the veracity of what you’re about to learn.

It goes that to understand exactly what heaven is you must understand dimensions, the scientists in the room would probably know what we mean by that but the term dimension is not as mysterious as it sounds- think of dimensions as multiple realities separated from each other by a veil. Heaven is not far out there in space for out there in space is still a physical place and heaven is supposedly spiritual. Heaven rather exists in another dimension sharing the same space with our physical space but however invisible, heaven is as real and solid as our lives here are real and solid. The only difference between the two worlds is glory and power.

There are indeed many dimensions existent and those from the 5th upwards are considered heavenly/angelic dimensions. Hell where the spirits or souls of the dead go is the very home-base dimension of the devil and his kind- this is the 4th dimension- the dimension of hell.

The 5th dimension precisely is called the astral realm, a neutral dimension where evil spirits, angelic spirits and human spirits can access and be found. This is where people who astral project go.

So if heaven is a dimension of its own, how then can we transverse between heaven and earth and indeed between dimensions? We do this by what we call stargates and portals. You don’t just cover ordinary distance and by so doing travel out into other dimensions, you rather portal your way through to them.

Note that while all stargates are portals, all portals are not stargates. Stargates are always open and are guarded by angelic forces 24/7 and also are 12 in number located at particular points on our reality but on the other hand, portals can be opened and closed and are numerous in number. There are only 6 access portals from space to earth though. It would interest us to know that Jacob’s ladder was a portal, Christ ascended up to heaven through a portal, angels access earth from heaven through portals. Spirituality is not magic, it is lawful. Heaven is a real solid place that exists in another dimension and portals bridge dimensions.

Heaven is a system of planets

Heaven is not a place cloudy like we like to think about it; heaven is actually its own galaxy within a universe- a system of planets in a galaxy. The church has not the tiniest idea about this because this info has only been clearly revealed to Sherry Shriner who they reject. Heaven operated as a heliocentric system with its planets positioned at equal distance around the sun- we're talking about the same planets and sun we see today but in a more glorious state and operating on a higher dimension. In the sun and in a different (heavenly) dimension is located the palace planet and temple of Yahuah the Father. Earth was the last planet created and it was called Shan.

After Lucifer formally called Hallayel brought sin into the heavenly system by his rebellion, the heavenly galaxy fell to a less glorious state- to the 3rd dimension, but note that some existences in this 3rd dimension of ours still have presence and do operate still in higher dimensions. The sun for example is a flame of fire here in the 3rd dimension but is however a warm brilliant light in the 5th for the temple of God is located right within it. The sun is a spiritual object folks and scientists cannot afford to tell you the truth they have found about the sun, the truth that the sun is not burning anything by fusion but rather produces its own energy by drawing in metaphysical energy from another dimension into ours for use to power the planetary system.

Sherry Shriner revealed that the sun is a stargate called the east gate from where dimensions can be accessed and distant locations bridged. This is why the occult is obsessed with the sun and do worship it, they worship the object, not the creator, and this is idolatry.

What we’re trying to drive home is that or very universe was once a heavenly one, our universe was heaven before it fell to what we know it as today and the Father dwelt in it with us. So the earth is not 6000 years old neither was it originally created in Genesis. The earth is millions of years old folks, the scientists are right on this one but the church has a habit of ignoring as a lie everything they cannot explain.

Angels lived in all the 14 planets of heaven

There were angelic communities existing in all the planets and these angels had kids because they could procreate, Christians read about the resurrected not given out in marriage like the angels in heaven and they think this refers to all the kinds and ranks of angels there are, no. There are angels in heaven that can and do have sex and so have kids. Christians want us to believe all angels were created male, but think this through, what is a male without a female and what is a left leg without the right one? Why couldn’t the church just say all angels are sexless and avoid raising any intelligent eye brows- they obviously don’t like to exercise their intelligence? Well there are obviously female angels in heaven [Zech 5:9], making marriage consequently possible for how can there be male and female angels if marriage doesn’t exist? Think folks think. You don’t need revelation to get this one.

Once again the earth is more than 6000 years old and many of the strange stuff we keep digging out into the surface which science cannot explain or would not reveal rather, neither does religion want to touch are from the ancient angelic civilizations. Also understand that what we call stars are actually planets and are inhabitable, stars are not big balls of burning gas, they are inhabitable rock-homes okay, the earth itself seen from space is a beautiful blue star. We are not alone folks.

The Father had 14 spirit children created uniquely and directly from him

Please pay attention because a lot of Christian illusions are about to be shattered. Christians know Christ to be the only begotten son of God and that is true but yet they believe a lie about Christ, they call him the literal Father himself and teach that he who is the very Father was only born on earth as a man, this is a wrong belief, we’ve already exposed this lie in chapter 3 of the series. The truth is that Yahushua was somebody in heaven before he was born on earth as a man and this somebody was not the Father but was the spirit word of the Father created (not begotten) directly out of God and his name was Yasha. Yasha was the 7th created child of the 14 children directly created from the Father. Below are the names and powers of the 14 children of Yah and also the planets they ruled over:

  • 1.

    Hadasseh - Queen of Wisdom and Knowledge and ruler of planet Neptune.

  • 2.

    Elayzah - Wisdom & Understanding, temperance, patience, balance. Queen of Understanding and Knowledge and ruler of planet Mercury.

  • 3.

    Mikailez/Mickaylez (Mickey)- Love, Honor, & Grace and ruler of planet Makemake.

  • 4.

    Yalandah - Love, Joy, Peace and ruler of planet Ceres.

  • 5.

    Toriahn (Tory) - Music, Composition & Harmony and ruler of planet Mars.

  • 6.

    Hallayel - Music, Praise, Harmony & Balance and ruler of planet Tiamat.

  • 7.

    Yasha - Perfection & Completion and ruler of planet Venus.

  • 8.

    Jaorgianne/Georgianne (JoJo)- Perfection, Mediation, Temperance and ruler of planet Eris.

  • 9.

    Ellashayzor (Ella) - Artistic Design & Creativity (Engineer, Architect, Design, (all kinds all phases) Queen of Engineering and Artistic Design and ruler of planet Jupiter.

  • 10.

    Beranziana (Branz) - Artistic Design & Creativity Queen of Engineering and Artistic Design Queen of Engineering & Technology and ruler of planet Saturn.

  • 11.

    Nashahallah - Glory, Praise, & Worship - Queen of Worship and ruler of planet Haumea.

  • 12.

    Lahandria - Glory, Praise, & Worship - Queen of Praise and ruler of planet Pluto.

  • 13.

    Rashayel - Warrior, Judgment & Destroyer - Queen of Water and ruler of planet Uranus.

  • 14.

    Shazurazy - Warrior, Judgment & Destroyer - Queen of Fire and ruler of planet Earth formally called Shan. Sherry Shriner is actually Shazurazy, how this is so will be discussed in detail in chapter 9 of the series, stay with us.

It was Yasha and not Yahuah that was born on earth as Yahushua the Christ to die for the sins of mankind. This is why the scripture referred to him as “the only begotten son of God”, scripture is trying to let us know that there exist other spirit sons (children) of God who themselves were never begotten nor ever will, but the church is not getting the message. Please let’s understand that “to be created” is not the same thing as “to be begotten”. God literally create beings he doesn’t beget them. Man literarily begets beings he doesn’t create them. So Yahushua is called the “begotten son of God” so as to drive home a point, that though Yasha is begotten by man, he is however not actually of man but of God, implying that he is more precisely a created spirit son of God. Yasha was the only spirit son of God begotten into the world as a man and the only one who ever will.

Yasha has siblings- 12 sisters and a brother and guess who this brother is? he is Hallayel, the one who later became Lucifer- the devil. Yes it’s shocking but true, Lucifer and Yahushua are brothers, the Mormons got this one right okay, they just got the rest of the story twisted, they should talk to Yah’s mouthpiece about it. While Yasha was the 7th created son of God, Hallayel was the 6th- elder to Yasha. The 14 children of God ruled over the 14 planets as kings and queens. Yasha’s planet was Venus, Hallayel’s planet was called Tiamat, you’ll later learn about how this planet was blown into pieces during the war in heaven.

Hallayel's rebellion in heaven

Hallayel’s rebellion against God took place before the creation of man; we have to clear that out first because some Christians miss this. So what was Hallayel’s sin? He wanted worship like God. He wanted to create his own universe, planets, people, animals and world. He gathered to himself the best of minds (like he has done with our scientists today) and planned to make one of the 14 planets (one we call Nibiru today) the central sun of his universe. He took the angels, made them swear allegiance to him (have them sell their souls to him) after which he put his mark of ownership on them (like he is about to do to mankind with the mark/chip of the beast). There is nothing new under the sun folks. He took the animals and mutated them so he could create new ones (just like he has done with the pig today which is a mixture of boar, rat and man, Yah did not create pigs okay). And he was successful in creating the dinosaurs, mermaids and unicorns we read about today. The Father didn’t create flesh-eating dinosaurs, Hallayel did. Science and religion do not know where to place dinosaurs in the scheme of life because they are ignorant of the preadamic life that flourished with creatures and things we cannot even imagine. Hallayel by means of portals drew in hideous creatures from deep space into the planets so he could use them for his purposes.

Hallayel did not stop at trying to create animals, he also tried to create people by DNA engineering and he is responsible for the existence of the ape men which ignorant scientists like to call the ancestors of mankind and which the church likes to ignore. The Father didn’t create ape men like the Cro-Magnon and the Netherlanders e.t.c., Hallayel did. He tried to create man but could never get it right, while he was busy defiling God’s creations, the holy angels who wouldn’t take his disrespect to the Father left the planets to the Pleiades for Hallayel had full control of all the 14 planets by then, it was during his rebellion against heaven that he created about 7 civilizations on earth which flourished with unimaginable technological life and inventions of which Atlantis and Lemura were the last two to be destroyed.

Hallayel was given a million years to repent but he never did and eventually the Father had enough of his wickedness, a war broke out in heaven between the holy and the evil angels ending with Hallayel’s kingdom being destroyed and him being cast out of the corrupted heavenly solar system, it was at this time his planet Tiamat was blown into pieces and Nibiru was kicked out of the solar system, he eventually fled to another star system (Orion) where he chose to make his home, the planet earth which was destroyed with hailstones, fire and then water would stay destroyed for another 1000 years to be recreated as the book of Genesis accounts. Unlike the ignorant church teaches, the book of Genesis speaks about the recreation of the earth and not the creation of it, for how could it be said that God created light on the FIRST day if a rock called earth filled with water already existed before the so-called first day. And how can you replenish something that wasn’t at one point in the past plenished? Think people.

Hallayel was eventually banned from heaven and was given limited access to the heavenly dimensions, he was stuck to the 4th dimension as his home and became less powerful though he was left to retain his angelic form, howbeit less glorious. Father later recreated the earth for mankind this time and not angels, everything that transpired from there onwards will be discussed in the next chapter.


If you indeed care about truth and the souls of men, you’d share this message or article with all. Yah bless you very much as you do so and thank you for reading.

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