THE RECREATION: The original sin is about sex and not an apple, and Adam had a first wife called Lilith

[B.I.B.L.E Series Chapter 6 OF 12]


Note: You might need to read the 5 foundational lectures first to completely understand this article.

Hello world, you’re unto chapter 6 of the B.I.B.L.E Series (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Series) brought to you by TheTrueacademy. The B.I.B.L.E Series is presided over by none other than the last messenger of God to the world in these last days “Sherry Shriner”- sent to prepare the world for the end. Get to know her, she’s nice [] (better yet see the very first article of the series to read her biography). And in here, we are Christlike but not Christians and completing our 5 foundational lectures reveals exactly why we stick to the Bible as the only scripture on earth.

Everything you will discover in this series are secret truth “plainly” revealed to Sherry Shriner alone, not necessarily because she’s the smartest person in the room but because of the purpose she was sent here to fulfill- to lead the people back to the Father. The write-up below is only an introduction to her revelations which are discussed in detail in the links presented just after the conclusion. The write-up below is nothing but a thriller, the real story is presented in her links down below.

With the B.I.B.L.E Series, TheTrueacademy tries to serve you the truth in the most comprehensive manner possible, but you have to pay close attention still because knowledge is never free; if you don’t pay attention, nothing you discover here will make the tiniest bit of sense. Links again will be presented at the bottom of all the chapters of this series to help clarify the message as titled. Be blessed as you stay with us.


  1. Recap
  2. The book of Genesis speaks of recreation and not creation.
  3. There are 2 creation accounts recorded in the book of Genesis.
  4. The original sin is about sex and not a fruit.
  5. God’s curse on Adam, Eve and the serpent proves the original sin is about sex.


  1. In chapter 1 we learnt that the name of the Father is not Jehovah and that of the son is not Jesus.
  2. In chapter 2 we learnt that Paul is a false Apostle and that the law still stands.
  3. In chapter 3 we learnt that God is not a Trinity and that Man is not a truine being.
  4. In chapter 4 we learnt about some 14 ways the Church has got it wrong.
  5. In chapter 5 we learnt about Heaven and the world before Man was created.
  6. In this chapter we'll be learning about the truth of what happened in the Garden of Eden (The Original Sin).

The book of Genesis speaks of recreation and not creation

But as the days of Noah were, so shall also the coming of the Son of man be [Mat 24:37].

Most try to understand the end without understanding the beginning, this is almost impossible. The church has lied to the brethren for thousands of years so that when people eventually hear the truth, they find it difficult to believe, the truth is that the story of the book of Genesis is not one of creation but of RECREATION and we don’t necessarily need revelation to get this but sound thought alone. For how can you replenish a thing that was not once plenished? [Gen 1:28, 9:1]. How can you refill a cup that was not once filled? Open your minds folks. Like we learnt in chapter 5, there was a preadamic earth that got destroyed by hailstones, fire and then water, it stayed destroyed for 1000 years until the most high decided to recreate it, this is the water you read of in [Gen 1:2], it’s amazing no one had stopped to think about where exactly these waters came from.

And if we are to allow in some benefit of doubt and assume that the book of Genesis really starts off telling a story about creation and not recreation, it would still apply that the waters of [Gen 1:2] was created before the light of the first day, it appears therefore that whichever way you look at it, common sense will always draw our minds back to a world that must have existed before Genesis, and for those who are just joining in, we have already clearly discussed exactly what that world was in our last article - chapter 5 as revealed by Yah’s mouthpiece on earth Sherry Shriner.

There are 2 creation accounts recorded in the book of Genesis

Most of us just read the bible and think we have done well but hey, this is not good enough for today, especially in this end times of great deception, we have been admonished to study the scripture instead. When you study carefully the first 3 chapters of Genesis, you would realize that 2 accounts of creation were actually narrated, one of [Gen 1] which speaks of the woman created at the same time with Adam off the dust of the ground [Gen 1:26-28]. And the second of [Gen 2] which speaks of the woman created after Adam off the rib of his side [Gen 2:18, 20-22]. Two different accounts folks if you want to be real with yourselves and again, we don’t necessarily need revelation to get this but only a sound reasoning, I know you have one. So what exactly is TheTrueacademy trying to say? What we’re trying to say is that Adam had a first wife who was created with him but later became missing, thereby warranting the creation of a second wife for him- simple.

The first creation was done by Yahuah the Father but through a high ranking group of angels, Yah and the angels were collectively referred to as “Elohim”, which is the plural derivative of “El”. “El” means “Mighty one”, making “Elohim” mean “Mighty ones”. When God said “let us make man” in [Gen 1:26], he wasn’t referring to a trinity but to the council of high ranking angels, Christians spin this and try to make this scripture mean a support for the doctrine of the trinity, this is a very wrong belief based on too little study of scripture. We have already learnt in chapter 3 that God is not a trinity.

The Bible translators took out a lot of truth from the Bible and the existence of Adam’s first wife is one of them, though the truth- that Adam had a first wife, was widely known in Jewish folklore, the Christians who reject their Jewish roots are oblivious to this fact. Lilith was her name and she is vaguely spoken of in [Isa 34:14 KJV] as the screech owl. In the Darby translation of [Isaiah 34:14], the original Hebrew word is rendered as "Lilith";

[When God's vengeance has turned the land into a wilderness, "there shall the beasts of the desert meet with the jackals, and the wild goat shall cry to his fellow; the Lilith also shall settle there, and find for herself a place of rest." (Isa 34:14 Darby Translation)].

The same word is translated elsewhere, however, as "screech owl, "night creatures," "night monsters," and "night hag." Well, what happened to Lilith? What got her missing was that she hated Adam and left him. Angels were sent to her to reconcile her back to the Father but she refused and took herself out of the life of Adam. Sherry has more details about all that actually transpired and this info is contained in one of the links below. Lilith left Adam and this is how Adam found himself to be alone in the garden. When he was put in the Garden of Eden [Gen 2:8, 15], he was alone, when he named the animals [Gen 2:19-20], he was alone. He remained single after Lilith left him until the Father decided to give him a second wife, so that a second creation of woman became necessary. This second creation was done directly by the Father himself and this time, he decided to take woman out of man rather than out of the dust of the ground as was the case initially. Adam indeed had a first wife before Eve. How can anyone explain Adam's statement: saying the woman was the bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh and shall be called Eve because she was taken out of a man [Gen 2:23-24]? Could this have been because Adam had once known a woman who was not bone of his bone and flesh of his flesh and one who was not (like Eve was) taken out of him? Try to answer that question.

The original sin is about sex and not a fruit

We are not fallen to become who we are today because our parents ate a fruit okay, they did something more sinister than that, they adulterated. The original sin is about sex folks, not an apple. The Bible never even said the fruit was an apple but anyway, the apple story was symbolic to hide the truth of what really happened. Again, you don’t need revelation to get this; all you need to do is THINK.

When you're caught red-handed lying, in shame you cover your mouth. When you're caught red-handed eating a fruit placed out of bound, in shame you cover your mouth. But when you're caught red-handed fornicating, in shame you cover your what? If you haven't yet grasped the Genesis of life, how can you speak to anyone about the last days of Revelation- these last days of Revelation?

Adam and Eve for the very first time were judged and condemned by conscience because of the abomination they had committed and shame was the result as is expected, this is why they covered their nakedness which they obviously had no problem with prior to their sin. Someone smart would have asked this by now: “how can sex between husband and wife be considered adultery and a sin?” This is where we introduce Lucifer. Adam and Eve did not sin by having sex as man and wife but by having sex with Lucifer. Shocking I know but yet true. Lucifer after he was cast out of heaven moved to Orion which he made his new home. The whole constellation of Orion is the home of the devil today. As Father recreated earth, Lucifer watched God do what he himself tried to do for a thousand years but to no avail, this is why he hates mankind so much- we shame him and on top of that, we were created in the very image of God who he detests. This he cannot stand and so is driven (by his great pride) to destroy us. He therefore came down to attack mankind and he commenced this mission by first attacking Eve.

His grand plan was to create his own human-looking offspring on earth whom he’d use to destroy mankind off the face of the earth and therefore eventually achieve what he has always wanted- to create his own people. And Lucifer didn’t begin executing this grand plan of his first with Eve but with Lilith herself. We earlier said Lilith left Adam, what we didn’t say was that she left him for Lucifer and the Father allows all these abominations slide all for his glory which we can only see at the end, (6 months after Lilith left earth to be with Lucifer in space, Eve was created). After sleeping with Lilith he moved on to Eve and then to Adam. Lucifer is a spirit being and can take on any form he likes and so he seduced Adam also. Eve giving the apple to Adam is only code for the fact that while she actually had the power to warn Adam not to do as she has done, she refused to do this but chose to encourage him. When you read of “eat fruit” in the book of Genesis, think “have sex”, and when you read of “serpent”, think Lucifer. The book of Genesis is laced with codes, open your mind. However, detailed breakdown of the codes of Genesis (regarding the original sin being about sex and not a fruit) by Sherry Shriner will be provided in the next chapter, stay with us.

God's curse on Adam, Eve and the serpent proves the original sin is about sex

Understanding that the sin of the Garden of Eden was not about eating a fruit can be grasped by intelligence for no one caught eating a fruit placed out of bound will cover their private parts but rather their mouths- this is common sense. However knowing exactly what the sin then is doesn’t come by intelligence but by discernment and this is what the church doesn’t have and unfortunately, what the awake can’t teach too. Ask the Father direct about Sherry Shriner and about what you read here, pray to him to give you understanding. We can only put out the truth, what you do with it is left to you. The original sin was sex-related. Eve sinned by sleeping with another person other than her husband because she wanted to, Adam sinned by sleeping with another person other than his wife because his wife whom he loved more than God cheered him on. This is why while Eve was cursed for adulterating willfully, [Gen 3:6], the earth was cursed for Adam’s sake because he put his wife first before God [Gen 3:17].

Take a second to think about this will you? Why was God specifically talking about seed/child in his curse to Eve? Could this have been because she ate a fruit or because she had just had sex and was going to be pregnant with a forbidden child? Hm. And why was God specifically talking about a hard life in his curse to Adam? Could this have been because Adam ate a fruit or because he had just disappointed God by caring more for God’s creations instead of caring more about God the creator himself? Open your minds folks, it’s about time the church stopped playing dumb.

Lilith was eventually put on the remnant of Lucifer’s destroyed planet – Tiamat, this remain of his planet was called Terra. After the fall of Lucifer from heaven, it should be noted that there was a dimension change on earth for though the solar system was (before the recreation) corrupted and fallen, earth was specially renewed and made to function on a higher dimension where there would be no sin, corruption and death, but the sin of man reversed this and earth fell to a lower dimension- the third dimension. Lucifer who is of the fourth dimension (that of hell) together with the kids he had had with Lilith (yes, he met with Lilith again and again) after she got put on Terra could no longer operate on earth like was the case initially, it was then these kids of Lilith were put on planets in space. The rest of her kids who could survive earth remained here on earth, it appears there are men walking amongst us today who are not really men and of Adam but are something else- scary right? Stay tuned; find out who these men are on our next chapter.


If you indeed care about truth and the souls of men, you’d share this message or article with all. Yah bless you very much as you do so and thank you for reading.

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