ALIENS AND ORIGIN OF THE RACES: Discover where Aliens and the races came from- the races did not all come from man

[B.I.B.L.E Series Chapter 7 OF 12]


Note: You might need to read the 5 foundational lectures first to completely understand this article.

Hello world, you’re unto chapter 7 of the B.I.B.L.E Series (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Series) brought to you by TheTrueacademy. The B.I.B.L.E Series is presided over by none other than the last messenger of God to the world in these last days “Sherry Shriner”- sent to prepare the world for the end. Get to know her, she’s nice [] (better yet see the very first article of the series to read her biography). And in here, we are Christlike but not Christians and completing our 5 foundational lectures reveals exactly why we stick to the Bible as the only scripture on earth.

Everything you will discover in this series are secret truth “plainly” revealed to Sherry Shriner alone, not necessarily because she’s the smartest person in the room but because of the purpose she was sent here to fulfill- to lead the people back to the Father. The write-up below is only an introduction to her revelations which are discussed in detail in the links presented just after the conclusion. The write-up below is nothing but a thriller, the real story is presented in her links down below.

With the B.I.B.L.E Series, TheTrueacademy tries to serve you the truth in the most comprehensive manner possible, but you have to pay close attention still because knowledge is never free; if you don’t pay attention, nothing you discover here will make the tiniest bit of sense. Links again will be presented at the bottom of all the chapters of this series to help clarify the message as titled. Be blessed as you stay with us.


  1. Recap
  2. Intro.
  3. The Asians.
  4. The sons of Cain.
  5. The Reptilians.
  6. The Indians.
  7. The Caucasians.
  8. The Negroes.
  9. The Ethiopians.
  10. The tall grey aliens.
  11. The many races of aliens existent.
  12. General info.
  13. Sherry's final Words.


  1. In chapter 1 we learnt that the name of the Father is not Jehovah and that of the son is not Jesus.
  2. In chapter 2 we learnt that Paul is a false Apostle and that the law still stands.
  3. In chapter 3 we learnt that God is not a Trinity and that Man is not a truine being.
  4. In chapter 4 we learnt about some 14 ways the Church has got it wrong.
  5. In chapter 5 we learnt about Heaven and the world before Man was created.
  6. In chapter 6 we learnt about the truth of what happened in the Garden of Eden (The Original Sin).
  7. In this chapter we'll be learning about the origin of the Alien and different human races amongst us.


What you are about to learn today has only been revealed to and by one person on this planet- Sherry Shriner. Yah’s mouthpiece to the nations. Don’t bug TheTrueacademy about proof testifying that every word written here is of truth; ask the Father direct to let you know if all you’ll be reading here is true. But remember, some things become clear only after we open our minds to them.

Alright first things first, we are not alone on planet earth folks, aliens do exist amongst us. And just as there are many races of mankind, there are also many races of aliens. And the most surprising of all is that some races of mankind we know today are actually not fully human. Crazy but true. Sit back, relax and discover the secret the world does not want you to know as revealed by Sherry Shriner.

The Asians

Just like we learnt in Chapter 6 of the Series, two women were created according to the REcreation account of Genesis- Lilith and Eve. The first to be approached by Lucifer was Lilith, Lucifer slept with her and had kids with her (remember that Lucifer was allowed by the Father to retain his angelic form even after the war in heaven- howbeit a less glorious one, however, he can take on any form he pleases), Lilith became pregnant for Lucifer and her kids came out Chinese. Yes, Lilith and the devil are the physical parents of the Chinese race- you’ll come to realize that all almond-eyed races (human or alien) are children of Lilith- their eyes give them away. This is why the Asians are so different from the rest of the people of the world for not all men came out of Eve folks. Little wonder the Chinese worship the dragon- a symbol for Lucifer. What do they know that the rest of the world doesn’t?

Lilith eventually left the earth to be with Lucifer in his home- Orion, she left her evil kids here on earth while she continued having spirit children for Lucifer in space, and these kids were around even before Cain and Abel were born. Bible readers always ask – who was Cain scared of- wishing for them not to kill him after the Father cursed him to be a vagabond in [Gen 4:14-15]? These people are the children of Lilith who were wicked of course and were already roaming the earth before Cain and Abel were born. The Chinese race is therefore the oldest race of mankind.

Lilith today is not physical like we are for she did not fall like Adam and Eve fell. While both Lilith, Eve and Adam were created with spirit bodies and even with wings (only Adam and Lilith in this case), only Adam and Eve fell to death. Lilith did not fall to death like Adam and Eve did, she fell and lost her angelic abilities but not to death and not to the 3rd dimension of life, she had no law to keep which she disobeyed so she remains a free spirit being invisible to our perception and allowed to roam realities. She’s a 4th dimension being though.

The sons of Cain

Lucifer didn’t only sleep with Adam’s first wife – Lilith, he also slept with Eve right before Adam did, and Eve became pregnant with twins- Cain and Abel. Cain and Abel were fraternal twins- having one mother but two fathers. Cain was the son of Lucifer and Abel was the son of Adam. According to the scripture, Cain is not a son of Adam and this was made obvious enough but the church of course is blinded by tradition and drama and can’t see clearly. For though Cain had kids unlike Abel, Cain’s name is yet not found in the genealogy of Adam [Gen 5], you cannot rationally explain this without concluding that Cain must indeed not have been a son of Adam, that is if you want to be real with yourself.

Anyway, Abel came out a man but Cain grew up to become physically a monster- he was a giant, was hairy and had a tail (the book of Adam and Eve gave some information of Cain’s physical features) and Father later took his horn out and replaced it with a cross- as a mark of protection. Cain is a serpent seed and he is the one responsible for creating the Illuminati serpent seed bloodlines of today- the group of satanic families who call themselves the sons of Cain. They are actually related to Cain by bloodline but through Esau. After the flood, the serpent seedline picked up again by the person of Canaan of which Esau then intermingled with in marriage. The life of Esau and Jacob who were twins is somewhat a mirror image of the life of Cain and Abel who were also twins.

Noah being perfect in his generation [Gen 6:9] is figurative for “Noah’s family genealogy- as traced through the men, being still human and not mutated by inbreeding with the serpent seeds. However, this does not mean the women/wives in this generation of Noah had perfect human DNA. Ham’s wife was such a woman, Canaan was the son of Ham cursed by Noah because of what he did to his grandfather Noah- Canaan was not cursed for merely seeing his grandfather’s nakedness- come on, Canaan was cursed for committing the act of sodomy on his drunk grandfather. Christians need to learn how to read. To see someone’s nakedness is a figurative form of speech, it literarily means to have sex with someone [Lev 20:17].

The Canaanite sons of Canaan eventually became the weak link and crack in the wall through which Lucifer could continue on his plans of populating the earth with his own hybrid serpent seedline offsprings which he would use to destroy mankind off the face of the earth.

Canaan passed the serpent seed bloodline to Esau through his children- the Canaanites and the Hittites whom Esau intermarried with against the warning of his parents [Gen 36:2, 26:34-35]. The gigantism defect in the serpent seed bloodline over the generations became receded allowing the sons of Canaan to infiltrate the nations as normal human beings undetected. Esau born of a good seedline went ahead to intermarry with the Canaanites and this is one of the reasons why God hated him for his descendants became serpent seeds by blood.

Many of the serpent seeds intermarried with the surrounding races to contaminate human DNA; others kept the bloodline pure by intermarrying with themselves. Of the latter group evolved the Illuminati bloodlines of which there are 13 top families known. These are the ones we call the Elites- they are the top servants of the devil amongst men, working silently to usher in the Antichrist by a one world order. They are the sons of Cain of our time. They run the banks, economics, entertainment, politics, education, religion, they virtually run the entirety of society and the church that should have discernment does not even know that they exist, they prefer to argue what they know nothing about and hate on the mouthpiece of the most high.

The Reptilians

After Lucifer slept with Eve in the Garden of Eden, he was cursed to become a snake- a reptile/dragon. The curse of [Gen 3:14-15] to the snake was literarily to Lucifer. Come on guys, how can anyone in their right mind conclude that God cursed an animal for making mankind sin?- We’re talking about mankind who had been put in dominion over not just the snake but over all animals and indeed over all the earth? Let’s not be silly, the serpent was Lucifer himself, on his belly on which he was cursed to move upon referred to him cursed to hunt for and live on food for the rest of his life- it’s code speak. The dust he was cursed to eat all the days of his life is another code speak and literarily referred to flesh and mankind (a being made from dust). Did you get that? The devil’s food is mankind, he eats our flesh and drinks our blood when he manifests physically, and derives spiritual energy from the death and destruction of human life. That’s how he breathes. He has to live like this until he is finally judged in the lake of fire. This is why Satanism demands blood sacrifices, that’s Satanism 101.

Lucifer wasn’t the only one transformed by the curse to become a reptile; his entire fallen angel servant crew with him were affected by his own curse as people who have joined themselves with him. They all became reptilians too- a group of reptile-looking telepathic terrestrial beings who can stand upright and walk, having shape-shifting abilities and who live in space, as well as on and under the surface of the earth, and who though are locked out of the heavenly realms (the 5th and above) are able to transcend dimensions through portals and stargates.

The devil and the high ranking fallen angels were left to keep their wings; every other fallen angel lost theirs. Now all these unbelievable info are important because reptilians are not only living with us today but do actively control the world today. Many have reported seeing these beings, the world government definitely knows about them but help hide their existence and the blind church who only believes the KJV rejects knowledge and wants to remain ignorant to the existence of other beings who are not human like us but who live with us on this planet, thereby making it too easy for these alien beings to infiltrate and control their very lives. All you church denominations need to wake the hell up. We are not alone.

The Indians

After the fall, Eve continued to have sexual relations with Lucifer and for this reason Father turned Lucifer black. Lucifer consequently became a black snake/dragon. This is his true nature today. It happened that after this, whenever he procreated with Eve, his kids would come out Indians. Lucifer and Eve are the parents of the Indian race we know to exist today- the second oldest race on earth. They are all inbred today however.

The Caucasians

These are the Israelites, the descendants of Shem who dominate not Israel today but America. Yes, the ancient Israelites were white (the black Hebrew Israelites who are melanin-worshiping black supremacist need to pay attention to some real truth) and the true Israelites can be found in America today and not Israel.

The Negroes

These are the descendants of Ham (the father of the Africans), whose son Canaan was cursed by Noah. Cush the son of Ham is the father of the black races. Being black has nothing to do with the curse on Canaan mind you.

The Ethiopians

Solomon had sex with the queen of Sheba in his days [1Kg 10:13] and sired the Ethiopians who like to call themselves the black Hebrew Israelites. So to be Israel is not necessarily a white thing or a black thing. It is a blood thing but yet now a spirit thing by the grace brought down upon us by Yahushua.

The tall grey Aliens

Lilith who had sex with Solomon in his days had spirit children for him called the tall grey aliens. In the book of Song of Solomon, chapter 1, Solomon talks about his love, the queen of Sheba, but in chapter 2, he’s actually talking about his relationship with Lilith. People have seen the tall grey aliens around and the world government very well knows about their existence. The church simply wants to remain ignorant and stay easy prey to the enemy.

The many races of Aliens existent

When the fallen angels would procreate, their kids would come out different- having different colors, features etc. so that there are different kinds of aliens in space today. There is the bear race- children of Lucy and Lilith, depicted in star wars, there are crossbreeds like mermaids e.t.c. gotten from Lilith’s DNA, there are also crossbreeds of Eve. There are over 200 different variations of the beings we call aliens today. Everything you watch on TV is not entertainment neither is it fiction, the Illuminati is trying to tell us something. We should get over ourselves and listen.

General info

Japheth is Russia. Ham is Africa- they are all inbred today however. Germany is Dan. The native American Indians are ancient Israelites. All Almond-eyed races (aliens, Chinese, Indians) are Lilith’s kids. Caucasians are Israelites. Ethiopia and West Africa is Israelite. Ephraim is USA. Manasseh is Great Britain. The Iranians are of Eve but are not sons of Ishmael. The true Arabs who are Ishmael’s kids are long gone and the present Arabs we see today are inbreds.

Sherry's final Words

The Whole Point of the Lord Dying on the Cross Was So Anyone Who Accepted His Salvation Could Follow Him and Be Grafted in as One of His.

Anyone who embraces Yahushua the Christ is automatically grafted in. That's why you can't say, "Oh, this whole race is the Lord's, and this one isn't." You can't say that because the bloodlines are everywhere. That's why the Lord took it out of that whole thing. It's no longer a bloodline thing, it's a heart thing. He doesn't know His people, today, by the colour of their skin or what race or country they're from. He knows His people by who have accepted Him as their Messiah. Who has accepted Him. Who follows Him. It's no longer a DNA thing, a bloodline thing, a race thing, it is a heart thing. That was the whole point of why He died on the cross. Because anyone who accepted His salvation could follow Him and be grafted in as one of His.

That's why, today, you can see even people dead bloodline, Rh negative whatevers, accepting the Lord and being counted as one of His. It doesn't matter what kind of bloodline you have. You can be American, British, Chinese, Japanese, Indian, Muslim, Arab. Doesn't matter what race you are. Doesn't matter what bloodline you're from. If you accept Him as your Saviour, then you're saved by grace, and you're considered as one of His.


If you indeed care about truth and the souls of men, you’d share this message or article with all. Yah bless you very much as you do so and thank you for reading.

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