NOAH’S FLOOD: The fall of the Watchers- before Noah's flood, and the restoration of the fallen angels to the Father in 2013

[B.I.B.L.E Series Chapter 8 OF 12]


Note: You might need to read the 5 foundational lectures first to completely understand this article.

Hello world, you’re unto chapter 8 of the B.I.B.L.E Series (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth Series) brought to you by TheTrueacademy. The B.I.B.L.E Series is presided over by none other than the last messenger of God to the world in these last days “Sherry Shriner”- sent to prepare the world for the end. Get to know her, she’s nice [] (better yet see the very first article of the series to read her biography). And in here, we are Christlike but not Christians and completing our 5 foundational lectures reveals exactly why we stick to the Bible as the only scripture on earth.

Everything you will discover in this series are secret truth “plainly” revealed to Sherry Shriner alone, not necessarily because she’s the smartest person in the room but because of the purpose she was sent here to fulfill- to lead the people back to the Father. The write-up below is only an introduction to her revelations which are discussed in detail in the links presented just after the conclusion. The write-up below is nothing but a thriller, the real story is presented in her links down below.

With the B.I.B.L.E Series, TheTrueacademy tries to serve you the truth in the most comprehensive manner possible, but you have to pay close attention still because knowledge is never free; if you don’t pay attention, nothing you discover here will make the tiniest bit of sense. Links again will be presented at the bottom of all the chapters of this series to help clarify the message as titled. Be blessed as you stay with us.


  1. Recap
  2. The sons of God fell from heaven to earth.
  3. The book of Enoch.
  4. Why the Father sent a flood.
  5. The origin of demons.
  6. Angels yet fell after the flood.
  7. Sherry restores billions of redeemable fallen angels back to the Father.


  1. In chapter 1 we learnt that the name of the Father is not Jehovah and that of the son is not Jesus.
  2. In chapter 2 we learnt that Paul is a false Apostle and that the law still stands.
  3. In chapter 3 we learnt that God is not a Trinity and that Man is not a truine being.
  4. In chapter 4 we learnt about some 14 ways the Church has got it wrong.
  5. In chapter 5 we learnt about Heaven and the world before Man was created.
  6. In chapter 6 we learnt about the truth of what happened in the Garden of Eden (The Original Sin).
  7. In chapter 7 we learnt about the origin of the Alien and different human races amongst us.
  8. In this chapter we'll be learning about the second Angelic rebellion and the origin of giants and demons.

The sons of God fell from heaven to earth

In the last chapter we extensively discussed [Genesis 1-3] and discovered what really happened in the Garden of Eden. This week, we’ll move on to explaining [Gen 6] which the church has misinterpreted for thousands of years. You ask the pastors what the phrase “sons of God” in [Gen 6] mean and they tell you these are the sons of Seth who were referred to as the sons of God because they were righteous. Well if this is true, why then did the sons of Seth and daughters of men who are supposedly all normal human beings copulate and give birth to giant children who are themselves not normal human beings? What is going on here? Something is definitely not right and we are about to straighten things up.

This is the true story of what really happened in [Gen 6]. A new group of angels (different from those who fell with Lucifer after the war in heaven) called watchers (for they were to watch over the earth) were tempted by the beauty of women and came down from heaven to procreate with women. The sons of God in [Gen 6] is referring to holy angels and not to holy men okay. Search through your own Bible, not once was any man or woman called a son of God after the fall of mankind and before Jesus’ glorification. Not once.

The angels are generally called sons of God because they are holy [Job 38:7]. Adam before the fall was called a son of God because he was sinless as at the time [Luke 3:38]. Men who lived after Jesus had come and gone were given the power to be called the sons of God because Christ had washed away our sins so that now we are holy [John 1:12]. Apparently, it appears that God does not call the condemned his sons, so the phrase “sons of God” in the context in which it was used in [Gen 6] cannot be referring to mankind who was at that time fallen, condemned and in need of saving. So if the sons of God in [Gen 6] were not men, who then where they precisely? None other than the Angels, and to successfully see the broader view of this fact, the book of Enoch must be brought into the picture.

The book of Enoch

This book was rejected as scripture despite the fact that the books of the Bible e.g. that of Jude quoted from it [Jude 1:14-15 quoting Enoch 1:9]. A hundred and one reasons will of course be thrown out by the church to justify why they had to take this book out the Bible but the truth is that the book of Enoch was rejected as scripture because it spoke elaborately about the fall of the watchers (which Genesis 6 only hinted) and revealed too much detailed truth about the infiltration of the world system by fallen angels- something the sons of Cain who run this world (including the church) want to keep secret. Why would the church reject a book written by the one who they accept walked with God so closely and faithfully that he was taken up to heaven ALIVE? Does this move of the church make any sense to your logical mind?

Why the Father sent a flood

Enoch records that 200 generals (high ranking angels) descended on mount Hermon (today located on the border of Lebanon and Syria) with the tens of thousands of angels they were in charge of- these descended angels were called Annunaki (which means “from heaven who came to earth”) by the Sumerians who sprung up as a people around 4000BC, these angels were tall and human looking, they fell from heaven and took our women- raping them to produce offsprings for themselves and because the DNA of mankind and that of angels don’t match, their offsprings with human women came out abnormal- giants. These giants were called many names in the Bible, they were the Nephilims, the Raphaims, Emims, Gibborims, Philistines, Zamzummims and Anakims [2Sam 5:18, Deut 2:10-11, 3:11, 2Sam 21:18, 1Chron 20:4, Deut 2:10-11, 20, Gen 14:5, Job 16:4] spoken of the Bible, the fallen angels mixed their genes with ours and this contamination of the genetic code of mankind started with the daughters of Cain- which itself we have learnt is a serpent seedline.

The giants consumed so much food that they depleted the land of food and had to turn against mankind killing and eating them. The giants were having sex with animals and producing cross breeds and hybrid creatures that committed havoc in the land. What were their fallen watcher parents doing when all these were happening? They were busy posing themselves as gods and goddesses, emperors, pharaohs, shamans e.t.c. Setting up their sons to be rulers of people, these became the the titans, gods and goddesses of Greek mythology, many watch Hollywood movies and think it’s all entertainment, no it’s not. Hollywood is giving us the truth but masked as fiction folks.

The watchers played great roles in shaping our history as we know it today and back in the day, they taught mankind all sort of wicked and satanic practices. [Azazel taught men to make swords, and knives, and shields, and breastplates, and made known to them the metals of the earth and the art of working them, and bracelets, and ornaments, and the use of antimony, and the beautifying of the eyelids, and all kinds of costly stones, and all colouring tinctures. And there arose much godlessness, and they committed fornication, and they were led astray, and became corrupt in all their ways. Semjaza taught enchantments, and root-cuttings, Armaros the resolving of enchantments, Baraqijal (taught) astrology, Kokabel the constellations, Ezeqeel the knowledge of the clouds, Araqiel the signs of the earth, Shamsiel the signs of the sun, and Sariel the course of the moon… Enoch 8:1-3]

The fallen watchers were setting up kingdoms all over the world and putting their giant children in positions of leadership to rule over men. The giants were building giant cities of which many have been destroyed today, and at the same time copulating with human women. This corrupted the gene pool of mankind and this process of corruption was going so well (was very effective in wiping out people of true human DNA off the surface of the earth) that if God had not intervened, mankind would have long been extinct and we wouldn’t be reading about the family of Noah today by whom the race of mankind was preserved [Gen 6:9]. Ridding mankind off the face of the earth like a pest has always been the agenda of Hallayel the devil from the beginning- this was why he approached Adam’s two wives in the first place as documented by the book of Genesis.

The earth was a mess in the days of the watchers and their giant children, it was filled with death, wickedness, pain and abominations and the Father eventually had enough and decided it was time for a divine intervention. Hindering the extinction of mankind (with perfect DNA) by the abominations of the watchers and the Nephilims was the Father’s reason for sending the global flood, for the reach of the abomination was global.

The origin of demons

However, just before the Father let down the flood, he placed a curse on the Nephilims and this is all revealed by Enoch [Enoch 15:8], the spirit of the Nephilims were cursed to roam the earth after the giants died and this spirits of the dead Nephilims is what we call demons today. They have no real bodies but are more of consciousness with urges and these urges they fight to satisfy by possessing a body. Christians make the mistake of tagging everything not man or angels as demon because they have replaced the Holyspirit and research with the KJV. Aliens (fallen angels) are not demons folks, demons are the spirits of the dead Nephilims- the giant children of the fallen watcher angels.

Before the flood came pouring, Adam’s first wife Lilith (we introduced her in Chapter 6 of the series) came down to earth (for by then she had discovered how to manipulate portals) and took some of her kids off the planet to save them from the coming flood. To survive the flood, some of the Chinese, Indians and giants went under the earth for the earth is hollow and does not have a core of molten magma like the scientists say it does. That’s just one of the many lies the Satanist scientists tell to hide secrets from the people and keep us dumb, the truth is that all planets (including the sun as well as the moon are hollow). We need to understand that there is literary another world under the surface of the earth the government does not want us to know about. We’ll learn more about that in Chapter 11.

Angels yet fell after the flood

As revealed by Sherry Shriner, after the flood, Lilith brought her kids back from space and the Chinese, Indians and giants that had taken refuge inside the earth crawled out of their places. The flood was global but the Bible never said the flood killed off all life outside the ark, THE BIBLE SAID THE FLOOD KILLED OFF ALL LIFE ON THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH [Gen 7:23], but life was not only on the surface of the earth when the flood came for men had learnt to live under the surface of the earth as well as in space and therein they hid before the flood came. This is why we still have Chinese and Indians today and one of the reasons why giants could yet exist even after the flood [Gen 6:4]. Apparently, it is obviously so important we STUDY the scriptures and not just read it

Nevertheless angels kept falling to earth even after the flood and interbreeding with mankind but by a different methodology because after the flood, the Father made it PHYSICALLY impossible for fallen angels to interbreed with human women so that they resorted to DNA engineering and test tube creations. Most Christians are closed minded and will want to reject the fact that fallen angels do fall even to this day and do interbreed with men today by DNA engineering so that we have men walking amongst us who aren’t really completely human, but before we hit the doubt button, let us try to understand the meaning of the biblical verse below:

“They shall mingle themselves with the seed of men” [Dan 2:43]

The question we should ask ourselves is, who are the people referred to in the above verse as “THEY”?

It is important we get it that Angels are not kept imprisoned in heaven to serve God compulsorily, they have freewill too just like we do and can do whatever they want just like we can. These ones who fell after the flood have not been completely judged. Thought the watchers were imprisoned in hellish places [Enoch 10:4-7, 11-13, 2Peter 2:4], some of them were yet left to roam free after being stripped off their angelic powers and immortality but with their good looks untampered with, these eventually carved out homes in the hollow of the earth. Though they live for very long (thousands of years), they are yet mortal and can die. An example of the human looking fallen angels race today is the Nordics, don’t be deceived by their almost perfect looks for they are still evil beings who still want to destroy mankind.

How about the sons of Cain called the Illuminati, how did they survive the flood? We know David fought a giant- Goliath, where did Goliath come from? We know Joshua and the rest eleven sent out to spy the land of Canaan encountered giants [Num 13:33], where did they come from? We’ve already discussed this last week in chapter 7 of the series. The possibility of giants existing even after the flood could have arisen from any one or all of the below means:

  1. The continued fall of the angels from heaven to earth and their interbreeding with human women.
  2. The recessed gigantism gene in the Canaanite wife of Ham later becoming dominant.
  3. The continued procreation by the giants who had crawled into the earth and survived the flood.

Sherry restores billions of redeemable fallen angels back to the Father

The angels who fell with Lucifer in the first war as well as those who fell after the recreation of the earth could procreate and many of them had children whose children had children and so on. We’re talking about thousands of years of procreation of the offsprings of angels who fell from heaven- billions of them.

While the church was having a hard time not hating on Sherry, Sherry directed her energy elsewhere and was able to successfully plead for the restoration of the redeemable fallen angels and alien beings back to the Father for many of them were born into damnation just like mankind is today and indoctrinated with false teachings just like we are in the world today. They never had a chance to prove they could do right, the restoration was even extended to the dead ones and out of all who qualified to be redeemed, 1 billion of them responded and were restored back to the father and were given their own brand new home in heaven- a home that started out as one planet but has grown to become a 7-planet star system today, it is a constellation of his own called the crown constellation. With 6 stars and 1 base star which is the home planet- its main planet, one they called Shaziron, in their appreciation, they named their home planet after their savior so to speak - Shazurazy, that's Sherry. Shaziron can be seen in the NE sky at night, it’s visible to us but it operates on a higher dimension, the 9th dimension- a heavenly dimension. It is important to note that not one of the species of the almond-eyed races (which are all Lilith’s kids) qualified to be restored, that’s how completely evil they are.

The sons of God of Genesis 6 refers to the watcher angels who from heaven fell and their offsprings with human women defines the origin of both giants and demons. Read the book of Enoch sometime and discover the secrets this evil world system does not want you to know.


If you indeed care about truth and the souls of men, you’d share this message or article with all. Yah bless you very much as you do so and thank you for reading.

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