Welcome to TheTrueacademy- the home of truth. The school that arms every earnest truth seeker with defense against one present world deception working to keep us all ignorant of what life is really all about, and how fun it is really meant to be. First things first, it is very important we understand that there is a secret and global plan designed to deceive, enslave and control mankind- this secret, global and negative plan is called "the matrix". As a matter of fact, the matrix is more than a plan, for it is already up and running- run by the most powerful men on this earth. So how do we get to understand, see and know the matrix then? Well, indeed, no one can just mindlessly see the matrix; we all need to be awakened to it by mind training. The matrix is everywhere but yet, only soldiers in mind can see it, understand it and help fight against it. This is where TheTrueacademy becomes handy; we wake mankind up to see the matrix by virtue of our lectures, but before we grant us access to the training ground, we’ll like to give a little word of admonition.

Unlike our experience with conventional schools, learning in TheTrueacademy is not only going to be fun but also life changing- take our word for it. But remember though, learning is basically change of behavior. This is an understanding every educationist out there very well gets and profess, so to learn in TheTrueacademy, you should not just pass through the academy, but be changed by it- for all we teach is the truth.

If you’re curious about how long learning here would last, that would specifically depend on how humble you are to truth. Are you humble enough to graduate in a day, 3 months, a year, 10 years or will you spend your entire lifetime learning here? It really all depends on you and how you personally react to truth. Moving on, laid out below is the wake-up program of the academy.


There are only but 5 "foundational" lectures we provide to complete our awakening experience in the academy. The basic study outline for each lecture is summarized below:

You must have noticed our persistent use of the third person pronouns: US, OUR and WE, yes- we are all in this journey together. We don't seek to build up followers; we try to wake leaders up.
We can of course print all 5 lecture taught by The Academy so as to read them offline, but take note that it might get kind of cumbersome reading our lectures on paper, because they contain reference links we can easily view in detail just by hovering our mouse over them or clicking on them. This we cannot do on paper.

Lastly, please understand that this is not an entertainment website but an academic one- an academic website saddled with the responsibility of waking up the asleep, so don’t expect to be entertained here but rather- expect to be informed.

So hey soldier, are you ready to begin your awakening?

If yes, click to enter classroom.

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