Knowledge is power they say, and that’s very true, but what exactly is it about knowledge that brings power? It is nothing other than the phenomenon called truth. For having knowledge of a lie will obviously not bring anyone to a position of power but to one of self-delusion and of slavery- slavery to the smarter one who has the knowledge of the truth.

Knowledge is the door and truth is its key; truth is the key to power, freedom and salvation in all areas of life: societal, educational, political, financial and most importantly, spiritual. The one who knows the truth is the one who can exercise a true free will rather than a programmed controlled one- a will that cannot possibly be manipulated or influenced by any external agent but one working independently and by itself. If we do not act out of truth, then our will cannot possibly be said to be really free and we must therefore be puppets to a control agent somewhere- who or which is remotely manipulating us.

If we do not certainly know the truth today but only just think we do or feel we do, then we might most likely be living in self-delusion and slavery. As a matter of fact, not to sugarcoat our words but to speak the plain truth in this present time of great trouble in the world, we as a world are indeed living in self-delusion and slavery.


  • 1.

    Majority of us function in the society today:

    dressing in a certain manner, watching certain TV programs, using certain gadgets, speaking in a certain manner and the rest, not really because we sincerely love these ways, but simply because these ways are what are trending and we do not want the society to label us old fashioned, outdated and obsolete.

  • 2.

    Majority of us go to school today:

    to learn the things we have no passion for whatsoever (as is the case here in Nigeria), not really because we sincerely want to, but simply because we want our family and society to see us as reputable and accept us as somebody.

  • 3.

    Majority of us go to church every Sunday and to the mosque every Friday today: (as is the case with the Christians and Muslims)

    to hear stupendous things no one really makes plain to us, not really because we sincerely want to go to these places "if we can just be frank for a minute", but simply because we don’t want the Christian or the Muslim community to label us evil.

  • 4.

    Majority of us take from elders today:

    things we’d batter a young child for doing, not really because we sincerely want to, but simply because we want the society to view us as civil and respectful.

These are just few of the many ways we do not act our real selves, so after thinking about all that for those who did:

  1. Is it really hard to come to the conclusion that the majority of us are just pathetic conformists being forced to fit in?
  2. Do we still think we are free-willed and are not subjecting ourselves to an external body of opinions called society?
  3. Can we still say there is nothing whatsoever bending our wills to worship a set-up stage called reality which is very far from what we truly want for ourselves?
  4. If there existed no people dynamics today called society, how would you really want to live your life? Think about that.

Only the truth will set us free from ignorance, oppression, enslavement and ultimately- destruction. And finding this truth is what TheTrueacademy is dedicated to achieving.


Majority of us do get that feeling that something is not right with the world, somehow we do have that feeling that something is wrong, we feel it in our guts and can’t really put a finger on it, it is as though someone- somewhere hidden, is playing us as pawns in a chess game, using us for their wishes and preventing us from being our real selves. TheTrueacademy knows that feeling; here we call it the wake up feeling. The problem however is that, many of us are not curious and disturbed enough to seek the truth about this feeling neither are we really even ready to welcome change. Ironically, we love our confusion, we love our delusions, we love our cages, we love our slave masters, we love the society, we love the system, we love the matrix. I guess by now, you are already beginning to understand what the matrix might be all about.


Do not ignore the wake up feeling. That feeling that something is wrong emanates from the cry of your free will against the matrix control system which enslaves it, you just don’t realize the reality of this slavery yet. But what on earth however is this matrix we may ask? Simply and precisely put, the matrix is mind slavery. It is a system designed to keep our minds ignorant and in a box in other to input in us fear and conformity so we can be easily manipulated to do whatever the designer wishes.

Millions of people sense this wake up feeling and know something is wrong with the society, but somehow, they yet nevertheless are comfortable with this feeling because it is easier to conform that to question. But the ones ready to welcome change question the system, they asks why? Because they love the truth, they'll strive to know it, they’ll do anything to find it, and when they find it, they hope to be changed by it and then speak it to make it known- this is the mind of a soldier, these are the truth seekers, and this school you will greatly cherish, i.e. depending on how much you really do love and want to know the truth.


All truth seekers are welcome, young, old, white, black, rich, poor, Christian, Muslim, Judaist, Buddhists, Atheists, witches, satanists and the rest of the truth seekers all over the world. TheTrueacademy though founded in Nigerian is nevertheless not fine-tuned for Nigerians alone, for the matrix is not local but has the whole world under hypnotic subjection to it. TheTrueacademy rather, is the world’s academy.

If the matrix is mind slavery, who then are the personalities behind its idealization, design and management? The much we will reveal now is that they are definitely persons of great knowledge and intelligence. They control the world by a system of lies so their greatest weapon is disinformation. Truth is the only weapon of resistance for the one who want to live above the control of these slave masters, for only the truth sets free from disinformation, lies and deception.


You have to touch the truth by the instrument of thought, word or action:

If you do not think about the truth, or hear about the truth or see the truth in action, you will never get to know the truth.

You have to be convinced of the truth by nothing but the truth itself:

Every truth thought, heard or seen comes with an attached conviction and the more you think, hear and see the truth, the more you permit the truth to convince you.

You have to freely accept the truth by your will:

Even after being convinced of the truth, if you do not accept this truth by your freewill, you will yet never get to be one with the truth. This one is usually the hardest to swallow.

TheTrueacademy cannot force your will to accept any truth for we do not own your will; neither can we convince you of any truth for we are not the truth but only teachers of it. The only thing TheTrueacademy can do is lay before you the word of truth and hope this will awake in you the thought of truth until you can finally see the body of truth so that you too can become TheTrueacademy- a product of truth dedicated to teaching people the truth.


  • 1.

    Understand that The Academy is a true life story:

    The Academy guides us on a journey to the truth; nevertheless, the academy is not just a mere journey but it is also a beautiful story- a true story. So because The Academy is both a journey and a story, things simple will be revealed before things complex. It is advised that we do not skip the order by which the lectures have been presented (i.e. from 1 to 5). Doing this is skipping knowledge and ultimately skipping basic truths that unlock higher ones.

  • 2.

    Understand that The Academy by the truth it reveals grants freedom, but not without first shattering your belief system:

    You read that right- many things you’ll learn here will seem out of this world to you and that will only be due to the fact that the truth has been out of this world for a long long time. So be calm and open your mind to knowledge not forgetting to also test what you read at the same time. Don’t believe everything you read here nor is it advisable for you on the other hand to reject them when you haven’t first tested them to see if they are true. The truth will empower and set you free and lies will delude you into enslavement and destruction, so be wise.

  • 3.

    Understand that The Academy is not one to cause hate but change:

    Soon enough as you are being awakened by The Academy, you’ll become acquainted with many amazing but challenging, new and bewildering secrets and you'll begin to ask "crazy" questions, while you seek answers to these questions, keep this warning at the back of your mind, the academy is not one to cause a revolution or hate, it is one to bring information for personal change. Freedom and Salvation is not a national, tribal, family nor even a religious thing but a personal one. So if you are convinced about the truth you discover in The Academy and become worried about the fact that your environment will not allow you to accept it, then you only prove the fact that you actually haven’t yet understood the problem.

    Nevertheless, we do not teach to force anyone into accepting anything. We freely cast the seed and hope it falls on fallow ground. We teach to transform the one who is willing enough to understand the truth and humble enough to be changed by it. The choice is always yours regarding what to believe, but remember the unbreakable law of cause and effect- "every of our actions bring back consequences", so again, be wise.

  • 4.

    Understand that The Academy reveals a volume of old but lost knowledge:

    Though many information you’ll read about here are of a truth- old knowledge, yet, they will sound new and challenging, so it is advised we do not read with a biased mind but with an open and free one. And also, don’t be too quick to judge but let the information sink into you even as you test them to see if they are true.

  • 5.

    Understand that The Academy’s revelations are eternal in application:

    This academy is not one you’ll need just for a moment or for a brief period of time. It is one you’ll need throughout your entire lifetime, strange but true, so don’t expect to grasp all it says in just a brief moment of time but take your time for it might take a whole lifetime for some people to fully grasp all it says. Again, the more humble you are to knowledge and truth, the faster you’ll understand all of what The Academy reveals.

  • 6.

    Understand that The Academy is more fun when you bring friends and family along:

    To make your stay in TheTrueacademy even more fun and life changing, invite your friends to join you as you begin. You never know, those you invite might just be the only ones you can subsequently be able to talk to, relate and brainstorm with concerning the remarkable secrets you’ll surely discover during the course of your stay here.

  • 7.

    Understand that The Academy compresses about 6,000 years into 5 lectures and so, requires your patience:

    Lastly, the truth revealed here though are old news to the ones working to keep knowledge hidden so as to gain control over us, nevertheless, are new knowledge to us who they work to enslave, so read as slowly as possible if you want to comprehensibly grasp all what the oppressors have known for thousands of years, in the shortest possible time. Did you get that? Slow down your reading pace ok?


  • Enough of the long talk already. Congratulations, you have just been formally introduced to TheTrueacademy and made to understand what The Academy is really all about. Whenever you're ready, move on to Lecture 2.

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